Who`s Max

It was in the year 1987. A broken frame on the scooter of the father of a young visionary opened the way for the first self-made Motorbike of Dr.Mechanik
The idea was simple – a tubular frame, a fine-tuned 5-speed air cooled motor and a 155/R/13 – car tire in the back. After many hours of engineering and hard work in a small workshop, the thing was ready to roll! The first initial test ride brought respect from his buddies and trouble with the police!
However, this did not discourage the young Dr. from creating the next project. Selling used moped parts brought only a part of the money necessary to build a new project.
So while the other guys use to hang out at the pool, Max earned money working in a wood factory during the school holidays.
The next plan was to build a motocross machine.
And after some consulting with an octane-infested friend, the choice was to build another chopper.
The whole bike was built around a 205/55/15 tire in 1990 (!) and was not common, even in the Harley scene.
Some of the innovative solutions which were developed for that bike in early 90´s is the “status quo” today.

2 weeks after the first run, the police department ended the boys’ fun. No license, no helmet, no turn signals and some other unimportant stuff, brought the crankshaft to stand still.
Fast forward. After thousands of hours of hard work, sweat and lot of interesting and innovative projects, Max aka Dr.Mechanik is NOT following any trends! Addicted to perfection and has developed his own style.