Metal works

In the history of modern vehicle construction shapes have always been a top priority.

In the beginning it was all about hiding the inner workings, which weren’t exactly presentable. When it came to cars we quickly learned that this was not only necessary but also that proper design could invoke certain emotions. When it comes to brands such as Bugatti, Jaguar or Porsche we directly associate them with elegance and sportiness. However when it came to motorcycles it was all about the technology for a long time, which brought shaping the whole product to a limit very quickly.

These days it’s not enough to invent a new name for the same bike and it’s not enough to get a new airbrush design either. By creating custom metal works we can vastly control the aura every individual custom bike has. Thanks to our expert knowledge when it comes to metal works we’re able to create unique bikes for all our customers.

Shapes and Metal works are Max’s passion and every new bike a new challenge.



Metal works BeachCruiser

Metal works Ghostdog

Metal works Smoke

Metal works V-Rod