The world first Chassis Improvement for Softail! TORQUEPLATE is not some marketing ploy or one of those parts
“that you absolutely need” again. No, it is a new development, for riders of any Softail of EVO-generation.  TORQUEPLATE makes the
chassis stiffer during rough acceleration and riding at top speeds a dream.
TORQUEPLATE provides extra security and handling for long trips with full luggage!
It is time tested racing technology, for use as an everyday solution.

The operation of the TORQUEPLATE is simple: between the gearbox and the swingarm, TORQUEPLATE connects the entire drive train (engine, primary and transmission) and brings it together with the frame to form a solid unit.
During test rides, with a bike with TORQUEPLATE I was able to push it safely past the standard

limits of the chassis. Speed wobbles and shaking simply disappears! Even when driving in and out of a curve. And on the Autobahn at speeds over 125 mph there was no problem with the chassis so I was able to squeeze all the horses out of the S&S motor. Conclusion; TORQEPLATE makes riding more safe and fun!

So as not to blow my own horn, I decided to talk to the man who is known for his knowledge and experience about custom bikes and motorcycle racing: Dr. H. Christmann of DREAM-MACHINES the most influential motorcycle magazine in Europe. After his extensive test drive was clear that not too much was promised and the meeting changed to a spontaneous photo shoot! The TORQUEPLATE

can be used in:

HD EVO Softail models with 5-speed gearbox to Year 1999
as well as all EVO-based Softail style custom bikes with 5 or 6-speed transmission
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